5 Ways To Keep Your Workplace Organised

5 Ways To Keep Your Workplace Organised
5 Ways To Keep Your Workplace Organised

We’re all guilty of having a messy desk at some point in the day. It’s an easy mistake to make, the papers and tasks can build and before you know it, there’s no desk in site.

Having an organised office goes further than just the desk. Creating a clear and organised working space is good for the body and soul to support productivity.

Use Sorting Trays

Keeping a stack of trays on the desk can feel like a god send on an exceptionally busy day. It’s ideal to have a tray for completed and incomplete tasks as you’ll have a clear vision of the work load you have for the rest of the day. Not to mention, all being visible and easy to find.

Keep an eye on those cables

We have a question – Do you know what cables you have under your desk and what they are used for? No, me either. That was before we found the use of cable labels. A fantastic idea giving you a clear indication of where they lead and what they give power too.

In addition to adding a label, use a cable tidying tool to keep them away from your feet and preventing any from being pulled.

Utilise the Ring Binder

It’s an old-fashioned piece of stationary, that just doesn’t seem to go out of fashion. A ring binder comes in use if you have paperwork that needs to be filed and viewed or equally is needed but doesn’t require to be sat on your desk for 6 months until you need it again.

Use them as another tidying method to declutter and clear your cluttered mind.

Go Paperless

If you are that person who has way too much paper on their desk and the sorting trays aren’t cutting it, try going paperless. It might take a while to adjust but it will be worth the while for organisational purposes and it’s a great way to support the planet.

Organise your email inbox

Organisation goes beyond the state of your desk. With more emails being sent and received then ever before, it’s an idea to create individual folders for the important contacts that you speak with on a regular basis.